Solved: [PMK-EE] E6 Professional Conduct Questions and Answers 2023

1. Job assignments based on gender or race rather than capabilities de- scribes what diversity barrier?

2. Promoting an environment free from personal, social, or institutional barriers that prevent members from rising to the highest level of responsibility as the basis for which program?

3. Providing safety planning services, comprehensive assistance, and liaison to and for victims of domestic abuse is the responsibility of what entity?

4. Navy unit reporting for fraternization incidents must be reported using what method?

5. Fraternization is based on what concept?

6. The security clearance list that allows personnel to work on your ship should be authorized by what officer(s)?

7. Under the Geneva Convention, for which of the following actions are prisoners responsible?

8. Any violation, attempted violation, or solicitation of another to violate the Navy's hazing policy is punishable by what authority?

9. Service members are protected and against self-incrimination under what article of the Uniform Code Of Military Justice (UCMJ)?

10. The outside of the door or front of the control drawer of a General Service Administration (GSA) Approved security container and vault doors must have what item affixed?

11. A Commanding Officer who is a Lieutenant Commander or higher can award what maximum off restriction time?

12. The NAVPERS 1626/7 form is know by which of the following named forms?

13. What is the first intervention step in the treatment of alcohol abuse?

14. Prior to assignment of the command Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor, a sailor must have achieved sobriety for a minimum what number of years, after he was classified as a alcohol dependent?

15. Which of the following components is NOT part if the Personal Financial Management Program?

16. Which of the following causes of premature death and illness is considered the most preventable?

17. Command Fitness Leaders and Assistant Command Fitness Leaders should NOT make what type of recommendation for a Sailor?

18. The acronym SOFA represent which of the following terms?

19. The 9mm pistol magazine has a capacity of what maximum number of rounds?

20. As it pertains Operational Risk Management, hazard severity is best defined by which of the following phrases?

21. In the Operational Risk Management process, risk decisions should be made at what step?

22. A Sexual Assault Disposition Report (NAVPERS 1752/1) must be maintained by NCIS for what minimum number of years?

23. To determine whether behavior meets the legal test for sexual harassment, what objective measure should be applied?

24. Which of the following circumstances is NOT a common cause of suicide?

25. What is a monthly newsletter for Suicide Prevention Coordinators and key personnel?

26. On the working jacket, what is the prescribed location for wearing your command's organizational patch?

27. When in uniform, under what situation is a cell phone permitted to be worn on the belt?

28. Which of the following medals has the highest precedence with regard to campaign and service awards?

29. What wearing your uniform cover at a crowded gathering, when, if ever, should you salute an officer?

30. What organization within the Navy is responsible for maintaining the uniform regulation?

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