How does Madeesy work?

When buyers make orders, they pay Fiverr. Once that order is completed, 80% of the funds are assigned to your account.
The funds remain under a "pending" status for a 14-day clearing period. This timeline is for financial processing and buyer satisfaction guarantee.
When the funds are marked as "cleared," they are available for withdrawal.

How to add or change your withdrawal method:

  1. Log in > Selling menu > Earnings.
    If you have funds available in the Available for Withdrawal balance, use 1 of the 3 possible options to withdraw your funds:
      • PayPal
      • Mobile Money
      • Bank Transfer 

  2. Select the option that you'd like to use by clicking on it. Follow the instructions to set up the withdrawal method, and make your first withdrawal.


Withdrawing your earnings

You will only see the option to withdraw if you have money available in your balance.

  1. Log in > Selling menu > Earnings.
  2. Click Available for Withdrawal balance > Different options to withdraw funds:
    PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Direct Deposit

Who is eligible to Upload documents on Madeesy?

The more, the merrier, everyone can upload documents on Madeesy. When uploading, just make sure that you upload your own written content and not that of someone else.