How to Prepare for Exams Within a Very Short Period of Time

Preparing for exams is not very hard, that is not to say that it is easy. I am not going to waste your time with long introduction, instead, I am going to jump right into the important take away tips that I have summarized for you. Below are the recommendations on how you will pass your exams although you haven’t heard much or rather enough time to study.

Don’t Panic

From my experience in learning and life in general, I have come to realize that many people fail not because they don’t know but rather because they are not confident enough. Fear is not a bad thing, actually it is a very important tool; it tells you where the edge is. However, too much fear leads to panic and this is not good. It is good to  make peace with the fact that you have not had enough time to study as it is required. After making peace, the next step is collecting yourself and deciding on how much you can acquire within the remaining time. Trying to get every question right can be an impossible task, at this point when you have run out of time, you should try to just get enough points that will see you not failing the exam. Having such an attitude will not only make you pass but rather you might even succeed with flying colors. Usually, everything is made easy when you are confident, so DON’T PANIC!!!

Make a list of topics covered in your syllabus

Before the upcoming exam, which can be in a month, a week, three days or even a day, it is important to come up with a list of all the topics that were covered in your syllabus. After making the list, the next step is sorting the list of topics that you feel comfortable with and those that you don’t. after identifying the areas that you understood the most and the ones that you didn’t, the next phases will be spent on strengthening the study topics that you mastered and improving the sections that you mastered less.

Create a study plan

Come up with a good plan that suits you, in your plan or rather a timetable, 60% of the time should be subjected to topics that you did not understand and the other 40% on the topics that you think you understand the most.

What is a study plan?

In simple terms, a study plan is an organized schedule delineating times for studying and the learning goals. The plan denotes the subjects and specific times on when they should be studied. Usually, it entails creating a chart, like a timetable that allows a student to set aside time each day to study and handle other things on the side besides learning. The study plan should include time to rest and engage in extra curriculum activities. 

Remember, it is good to read more on topics that you understood because this is what will become your cornerstone during exams.

Focus on syllabus topics you find easy to understand

The goal is not to get everything right in your exams, if you are to pass your exams within a very short time, it is imperative to try and score highly on topics that you understand the most. Trying to understand everything when you only have a short period of time before exams is an impossible task. For now, the aim should be scoring as highly as possible.

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