TMC Practice Exam A + B Questions and Answers 2023 1. A 52 year-old post-operative cholecystectomy patient's breath sounds become more coarse upon completion of postural drainage with percussion. The respiratory therapist should recommend: A. Continuing the therapy until breath sounds improve. B. administering dornase alpha. C. administering albuterol therapy. D. deep breathing and coughing to clear secretions.: D. deep breathing and coughing to clear secretions. See Patient Assessment 2. A healthy adult female can exhale what portion of her forced vital capacity in the first second?: 70% 3. Following cardiac surgery, a 55 year-old patient has the following ABG results: pH 7.50, PaCO2 30 torr, PaO2 62 torr, HCO3 25 mEq/L, SaO2 92%, HB 14 g/dL, BE +2. Venous blood gas results are pH 7.39, PvCO2 43 torr, PvO2

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