SSA Academy 2023 Exam 1. Postal Service employees operate under the mandate to protect and pre- serve the mail placed in its: a) Contracted postal units b) Custody c) Mailboxes d) Post office lobbies: b) Custody 2. A violation of the security and sanctity of the mail is: a) Delivering the mail late b) Failing to deliver the mail c) Redirecting misspent mail d) Returning undeliverable mail: b) Failing to deliver the mail 3. The first opportunity of a Sales and Services Associate (SSA) to start the customer experience on a positive note is to: a) Deliver a first impression b) Offer stamps or other products c) Thank the customer d) Wear the appropriate uniform: a) Deliver a first impression 4. The type of communication that can enhance or contradict messages is: a) Formal communication b) Informal communication c) Non-verbal communication d) Verbal communication: c) Non-verbal communication 5. The approach a Sales and Services Associate (SSA) can use to engage our customers and ensure their needs are met is: a) G.I.S.T. b) Greeting customers c) Retail Customer Experience (RCE) d) The first impression: a) G.I.S.T. 6. For a mailpiece to be considered a flat-sized mailpiece it must pass the: a) Dimension test b) Flexibility test c) Postal test d) Square test: b) Flexibility test 7. Why is maintaining the security and sanctity of the mail one of the core responsibilities of the Postal Service? a) Assists in keeping prices low b) Assist in providing quality products/services c) Decreases theft of the mail d) Instills customer confidence: d) Instills customer confidence 8. Successful sales transactions occur when the Sales and Services Asso- ciate (SSA): a) Assumes the customer does not know what product/service is needed b) Lets the customer know the competition has cheaper products/services c) Makes an informed mutual decision with the customer on products/ser- vices d) Sells the cheapest product/service available at the Postal Service: c) Makes an informed mutual decision with the customer on products/services 9. What is the most positive way to impact customer perception of the Post Office? a) Decrease the postage prices b) Expand the product line c) Extend the lobby hours d) Provide excellent customer service: d) Provide excellent customer service 10. The US Postal Service is the only delivery service that reaches: a) Every address in the nation b) Every international address c) Only business addresses d) Only rural addresses: a) Every address in the nation 11. An organized workstation creates a more workplace. a) Beautiful b) Efficient c) Flexible d) Inviting: b) Efficient 12. How a Sales and Services Associate (SSA) conducts themselves on the job effects the: a) Bottom line b) Postal brand c) Retail window d) Supervisor scores: b) Postal brand 13. An active listening technique used to create a successful transaction is called: a) Clarifying b) Communicating c) Requesting d) Surveying: a) Clarifying 14. One of the first things a customer notices about the Sales and Services Associate (SSA) is their: a) Body language b) Personal appearance c) Product knowledge d) Voice: b) Personal appearance 15. The primary law enforcement for the USPS is the: a) Dept of Homeland Security b) Office of the Inspector General c) Postal Inspection Service d) Postal Police: c) Postal Inspection Service 16. The minimum length of a letter is how many inches long? a) 3.5 inches b) 5 inches c) 6 inches d) 6.5 inches: b) 5 inches 17. The maximum size for a flat-sized mailpiece is: a) 3.5 x 6 inches b) 4.25 x 6 inches c) 10 x 10 inches d) 12 x 15 inches: d) 12 x 15 inches 18. A machinable parcel cannot weigh more than: a) 20 pounds b) 25 pounds c) 30 pounds d) 35 pounds: b) 25 pounds 19. A parcel that is more than 70 pounds is: a) Nonmachinable b) Nonmailable c) Priority express mail d) USPS Retail Ground Mail: b) Nonmailable 20. Nonmachinable surcharges will be applied to First Class letters when the item is: a) A tube smaller than 26 inches b) In a flat-rate Priority mail box c) In a Tyvek Priority mail envelope d) Is polybagged or polywrapped: d) Is polybagged or polywrapped 21. The minimum size of a postcard is the same size as a: a) Flat b) Letter c) Machinable parcel d) Nonmachinable parcel: b) Letter 22. In order for a postcard to be mailed it must be: a) Circular b) Rectangular c) Square d) Triangular: b) Rectangular 23. The maximum size of a flat is 15 inches long, inches high, and .75 inches thick. a) 8 b) 10 c) 12 d) 14: c) 12 24. Proper design and construction of a mailpiece which conforms to mini- mum and maximum mailing standards ensures: a) Flexibility b) Mailability c) Rigidity d) Transferability: b) Mailability 25. Correctly identifying nonmachinable characteristics of First-Class Mail letters and applying correct pricing will help to protect: a) Customer packages b) Insurance costs c) Pricing increases d) Revenue generation.: d) Revenue generation. 26. A letter that is square instead of rectangular is considered: a) Nonmachinable b) Nonmailable c) Nonmanageable d) Nonrneasurable: a) Nonmachinable 27. Nonmachinable letters are processed: a) Financially b) Informally c) Manually d) Questionably: c) Manually 28. Other Regulated Materials Domestic (ORM-D) packages can be shipped by: a) Flat rate Priority Mail b) Media Mail c) Priority Mail Express d) USPS Retail Ground: d) USPS Retail Ground 29. Firearms, intoxicating liquors, and cigarettes are categorized as: a) Reckless Matter b) Reserved matter c) Restrictive matter d) Risky matter: c) Restrictive matter 30. Failure to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) could result in signif- icant fines of more than per day per incident. a) $20,000.00 b) $30,000.00 c) $40,000.00 d) $50,000.00: d) $50,000.00

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