servsafe manager 7th edition Review Guide 10. TCS food: milk dairy poultry shell eggs plant base food items when cook 11. Which agency is responsible for inspecting meat, poultry and eggs?: - USDA 12. Which agency conducts research into the causes of foodborne-illness outbreak?: CDC (centers for disease control and prevention) 13. which group writes or adopts codes that regulate retail and foodservice operations?: state and local regulatory authorities 14. To be an outbreak, foodborne illness must be confirmed by lab analysis after?: two or more people have the same symptoms after eating the same food. 15. a piece of glass found in a beverage is an example of which type of hazard?: physical 16. a pan of chicken wings left out on a prep table for 7 hrs is which type of hazard?: time-temp abuse 17. Why are preschool-age children at a higher risk for foodborne illnesses?: they have not built up strong immune system 18. when must staff be trained in food safety?: upon hiring and periodically base 19. which organization issues the food code?: US food and Drug administration FDA 20. can contimation be passed directly from person to person?: yes 21. the big six: shigella spp salmonella thyphi Nontyphoidal Salmonella, or NTS Hepatitis A Norovirus 22. click all symptoms of foodborne illness?: diarrhea vomiting fever nausea abdominal cramps jaundice 23. Onset time of Fooddorne Illness: 30 minutes to six weeks after ingestion 24. do bacteria prefer certain food than other?: yes

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