Servsafe Manager 2022 Exam 4. 1.4 Which is a TCS food? A. Bread B. Flour C. Sprouts D. Strawberries: C. Sprouts 5. 1.5 The 5 common risk factors that can lead to foodborne illness are failing to cook food adequately, holding food at incorrect temperatures, using contaminated equipment, practicing poor personal hygiene, and A. reheating leftover food B. serving ready-to-eat food C. using single-use, disposable gloves D. purchasing food from unsafe sources: D. purchasing food from unsafe sources 6. 1.6 Raw chicken breasts are left out at room temp on a prep table. What is the main risk that could cause a foodborne illness? A. Cross-contamination B. Poor personal hygiene C. Time-termperature abuse D. Poor cleaning and sanitizing: C. Time-temperature abuse 7. 1.7 What is TCS food? A. Food requiring thermometer checks for security

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