ServSafe Alcohol Exam Questions & Answers 1. T/F You may be charged with a crime simply for serving a guest who appears to be intoxicated.: True 2. T/F It is illegal to serve alcohol to a pregnant woman.: False 3. T/F Dram shop laws protect the server from being sued in the event that an intoxicated guest injures another individual.: False 4. T/F The state liquor authority can suspend an establishment's liquor li- cense for allowing a minor to enter the establishment with a fake ID.: True 5. T/F All guests must be 21 years old to purchase alcohol.: True 6. What is the difference between Criminal Law and Civil Law?: Criminal Law - May face criminal charges if you break state, county, or municipal alcohol laws. (Criminal court) Civil Law - Can be sued to pay damages to an injured guest if you contributed to the guest's injury or did nothing to prevent it. (Civil court) 7. Dram Shop Laws: - Allow a third party to sue for injuries caused by a guest who was drinking there. - Allow third parties to sue business, employees, etc. - Provide limits on money damages that can be awarded to third parties. 8. What are the three types of damages awarded?: Actual Damages Compensatory Damages Punitive Damages 9. How old do you need to be to purchase alcohol in all 50 states?: 21 years old 10. Who is alcohol authority?: State or municipal agency that enforces alcohol regulations and licensing laws. - Often called ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) 11. When are you allowed to serve alcohol?: 9AM - 2AM 12. How old do you have to be to serve alcohol?: 18 Years Old 13. State or municipal liquor authorities can issue citations for a) drunk driving b) serving a pregnant woman c) serving alcohol to a minor

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