RN Pharmacology Online Practice 2019 B 6. A nurse is teaching about a new prescription for ciprofloxacin to a client who has a urinary tract infection. The nurse should identify which of the following statements as an indication that the client understands the teach- ing?: I will report any signs of tendon pain or swelling 7. A nurse is providing teaching to a client who is to start taking sumatriptan. Which of the following adverse effects should the nurse instruct the client to monitor for and report to the provider?: chest pressure 8. A nurse is caring for a client who has diabetes mellitus and is taking glyburide. The client reports feeling confused and anxious. Which of the fol- lowing actions should the nurse take first?: perform a capillary blood glucose test 9. A nurse is providing teaching to a client about the use of ethinyl estra- diol/norelgestromin. The nurse should identify that which of the following statements by the client indicates an understanding of the teaching?: I will fold the sticky sides of the old patch together before disposing it 10. A nurse is assessing a client who is taking amitriptyline for depression. Which of the following findings should the nurse identify as an adverse effect of the medication?: dry mouth

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