Red Cross Lifeguard Test questions and answers 1. How can you best protect yourself from possible bloodborne pathogen transmission when providing care? a. Ask the victim first if they have any communicable diseases. b. Thoroughly wash your hands before providing care. c. Use first aid supplies, such as dressings and bandages, as a barrier when in contact with the victim. d. Use personal protective equipment (PPE), such as disposable gloves and a breathing barrier, when providing care.: D 2. A 12-year-old child at a swim meet grabs their chest and begins to make wheezing noises. After you obtain consent to provide care, the child's parent informs you that the child has a history of asthma, but does not have an inhaler nearby. What care should you provide? a. Give 5 back blows. b. Summon more advanced medical personnel and place the victim into a position that helps breathing. c. Tell the victim to use an inhaler borrowed from a bystander. d. Wait 20 minutes to see if the breathing difficulty goes away.: B 3. Your initial impression of a victim is based on: a. The victim's initial vital signs.

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