RBS Final Exam Questions and Answers 2023 1. Which crime is often related to alcohol use?: sexual assault 2. Whose responsibility is it to act as gatekeeper in regard to the communi- ty's ability to obtain alcohol in public establishments?: the alcohol server 3. Which condition is associated with alcohol-impaired driving?: Impaired judgement 4. When alcohol is mixed with the side effects can range from dis- comfort to death.: medications or recreational drugs 5. What is the best way to sober up an intoxicated person?: only time will sober up an intoxicated person 6. What does "BAC" mean?: blood alcohol concentration 7. Which statement is true regarding people with a high tolerance to alco- hol?: they are better at hiding their intoxication 8. Eating food while drinking alcohol may: slow down the rate of intoxication. 9. The use of foul language is an example of: lowering inhibitions

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