Pharmacology In Nursing (NRSE 206) Pharm Quiz 1 multiple choice with the correct marking scheme (A level material) Pharm Quiz #1 Quiz 1 - questions and answers Pharmacology In Nursing (Ohio University) Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. When the nurse considers the timing of a drug dose, which factor is appropriate to consider when deciding when to give a drug? a. The patient’s ability to swallow b. The patient’s height c. The patient’s last meal d. The patient’s allergies 2. When administering a new medication to a patient, the nurse reads that it is highly protein bound. Assuming that the patient’s albumin levels are normal, the nurse would expect which result, as compared to a medication that is not highly protein bound? a. Renal excretion will be faster. b. The drug will be metabolized quickly. c. d. The duration of action of the medication will be shorter. The duration of action of the medication will be longer. 3. The nurse is administering medications to the patient who is in liver failure resulting from end-stage cirrhosis. The nurse is aware that patients with liver failure would most likely have problems with which pharmacokinetic phase? a. Absorption b. Distribution c. Metabolism d. Excretion 4. An 83-year-old woman has been given a thiazide diuretic to treat mild heart failure. She and her daughter should be told to watch for which problems? a. Constipation and anorexia b. Fatigue, leg cramps, and dehydration c. Daytime sedation and lethargy d. Edema, nausea, and blurred vision 5. When given a scheduled morning medication, the patient states, “I haven’t seen that pill before. Are you sure it’s correct?” The nurse checks the medication administration record and verifies that it is listed. Which is the nurse’s best response? a. “It’s listed here on the medication sheet, so you should take it.”

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