NUR380 Module 6 Test solutions 2023 8. Is a HIS a MIS?: Yes, a health information system is a type of a management information system. 9. What are good data bases to find nursing information and research?: CIN- HAL, Cochrane Library, ProQuest, PsychINFO 10. What is an EHR?: Electronic Health Record 11. A nurse needs to add a special assessment flow sheet to the EHR that is available but hidden. What tool will the nurse use?: A widget 12. What CAI does the ABSN program use?: ATI 13. What are the levels of simulation used in nursing programs?: High fidelity: uses life-like manikins in a more real environment Mid-fidelity: uses manikin or task trainer but not in a realistic environment Low-fidelity: computer based or paper-based tasks, IV arm 14. Students complete end of course evaluations. This information is format- ted for review to make adjustments to the course. What it is called to save this amount of information?: Data warehousing 15. True/False: Since the EHR is the patient's information, the nurse does not need to log off when finishing charting in a patient's room.: False, Maintaining confidentiality requires the nurse to log off when leaving any computer. 16. The nurse notices a red highlight over a medication in the Medication Administration Record (MAR) showing the medication is late. What is this an example of?: A clinical decision support system 17. A client has been having fever spikes on a regular basis. The nurse wants to visualize this data to the charge nurse. How can the EHR assist with this?: Data can be tracked and placed on a graph automatically. The graph could show that the client has a spike in their temperature every afternoon. 18. The nurse plans to hang an IV medication using a pump. As the nurse programs the pump, it gives a choice of 50 mg or 100 mg under that medica- tion name. Is this an example of computer assistance in nursing?: Yes, the IV pump has a computerized library built in that has medication names and standard doses and rates. This will prevent medication errors.

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