NR 222 Exam 1 Study guide 2022 (100% accurate) NR 222: Exam 1 Study guide 2022 (100% accurate) • What is the primary role of the nurse? The primary role of a nurse is the delivery of direct services such as health education, flu shots, and counseling in health promotion. Visible, direct deliver of nursing care is the foundation for the public image of nursing. • Identify the many roles that the nurse plays in the life of the patients? Nurse Role Description Example Advocate Provide guidance for a person to achieve what they are entitled in the health care system A nurse provides orientation to a patient and their family when they are admitted to the hospital. Care Manager Manages the nursing processes to prevent duplication of services, maintain quality and safdety, and reduce costs. A nurse is the manager of a patient and controls all the actions and medicines given to him. Consultant Provide knowledge of the nurse’s area of expertise to improve health of patients or community groups A nurse has specific training and experience in gerontology. Educator The nurse needs to be prepared to be a teacher of health care content. A nurse plans and prepares classes to a new group of nurses joining the hospital. Researcher Nurses must use existing research literature and actual evidence to define the best health improvement plan. A nurse uses “Evidence Based Practices” to suggest a care plan for a difficult patient-case Role Model • What are the goals of Healthy People 2020? Health Promotion and disease prevention efforts. There are 4 goals of Health People 2020: 1. Attain longer lives with high quality: free of preventable diseases, disability, and premature death 2. Health equity: improve the health for all groups 3. Promote good health through social and physical environments for all 4. Promote quality of life, healthy development, and healthy behaviors • What are primary, secondary and tertiary interventions? Give examples of each

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