New Jersey Practice Exam 2023 New Jersey Practice Exam 1. A capacity plate shows the: Maximum horsepower and weight allowed 2. What is the minimum height of the state registration numbers that are displayed on a boat: 3" 3. If a boat transfers ownership, is destroyed, lost, stolen or recovered, the owner must notify the agency which issued the certificate within this many days: 15 4. On a federally documented boat, it must have this number permanently affixed in block type, Arabic numerals not lees than 3" in height, on a clearly visible internal structural part of the boat: Official Number 5. This legal proof of state registration is required to be on the boat whenever it is underway: certificate of numbers 6. Motorized boats must be: registered in the state of principal use 7. A Backfire Flame Arrestor is attached to the air intake of an inboard gasoline engine and is designed to: suppress flames 8. Which one of the following boats is required to have a fire extinguisher on board: Personal Watercraft (PWC) 9. Which of the following boats is required to have a Type IV (throwable) Personal Floatation Device on board under USCG regulations?: 16' bass boat 10. Which of the following is a U.S. Coast Guard approved type of visual distress signaling device: electric distress signal light 11. All boats less than 39.4 feet in length, must legally carry this item in order to communicate with other boats: an efficient means of producing a sound signal 12. A U.S. Coast Guard approved installed fire extinguishing system replaces this many portable B-I fire extinguishers?: 1 13. With whom should you leave your float plan?: friend, neighbor or relative 14. To prevent structural damage, always do this prior to backing your boat into the water: raise the lower unit (outdrive) or outboard engine 2 / 28 15. When fueling, you should always make certain this item makes contact with the fuel tank opening to prevent static spark: fuel nozzle 16. A type IV (throwable) PFD must be kept: immediately available 17. This required piece of safety equipment is attached to the carburetor of inboard gasoline engines to suppress flames: backfire flame arrestors 18. After fueling, and before starting the engine, this item should be turned on for at least 4 minutes: engine exhaust blower 19. On boats required to carry visual distress signals, the minimum amount is: 3 day/night combination flares 20. Passengers should all wear this item each time the boat gets underway: life jacket 21 An inflatable Type III PFD may be worn by this boater: 16 year-old operating a ski boat 22. When trailering a boat, which type maneuver requires the widest turning radius?: right hand turn 3 / 28 23. Whenever a boat is taken out of the water, operators should thoroughly clean their boat to prevent these from spreading to other water environments- : aquatic nuisance species 24. When operating on federal waters, boats of this length and above must display the Federal Pollution (oil) Control Act placard: 26 feet 25. All watercraft with inboard gasoline engines and installed fuel tanks are required to have this safety item on board: USCG approved fire extinguisher or fixed system 26. If a boat operator's Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is at or above this level, they are considered to be legally intoxicated by federal (U.S. Coast Guard) statute: .08 27. The danger signal consists of at least this many short blasts in quick succession: 5 28. At night you observe only a green bow light (no all-round white light) ahead and to your left. This indicates: a sailing vessel crossing left to right

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