NAPSR Final Exam Answers (Attempt score, 160 Out of 160 points) 1. How are drugs sorted into therapeutic groups and classes?: A. first by the conditions that they are used to treat. and then by their mechanisms of action 2. Bone marrow transplants...: are a type of stem cell therapy. unless patient's own cells are reinjected. 3. What does AMA stand for?: C. American Medical Association 4. What section of a drug's package insert describes situations in which the drug should not be used because the risks outweigh the therapeutic benefits?: B. Contraindications 5. What is tertiary care?: highly specialized medical and surgical care provided by a large medical center for unusual or complex medical problems brand quality 6. What are vasodilators used to do?: decrease vascular resistance and in- crease blood flow 7. What is the name of the condition that occurs after a specific dose of a drug is given at such regular intervals that absorption and elimination (and therefore drug plasma concentration) have become fairly constant?: steady state 8. Which statement is TRUE about ocular administration?: Ocular administra- tion is used primarily to treat the eye. 9. Which entities invest's the most money in pharmaceutical R&D?: U.S. pharmaceutical companies 10. How are most drugs excreted?: Via the kidneys

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