MFT National Exam Study Guide (Elaborated) MFT National Exam Study Guide (Elaborated) 1. Detriangulation: Bowen: The process by which an individual removes self from emotional field of two others 2. Formulation: A therapeutic hypothesis about what is responsible for creating and maintaining a client's presenting problem 3. Process: How members of a family or group relate; in contrast to content, which is what they talk about 4. Treatment contract: An explicit agreement between the client and therapist that specifies the terms of therapy, including things such as frequency and length of sessions, who is to attend, and fees 5. Differentiation of self: Bowen: Psychological seperation of intellect and emotions and independence of self from others; opposite of fusion; major goal of therapy 6. Emotional cutoff: Bowen: term for flight from an unresolved emotional attachment 7. Family life cycle: Systems theory and Bowen: stages of fam life from separation from parents to marriage, children, growing older, retirement, to death 8. Family of origin: Bowen: a person's parents and siblings: usually refers to the original nuclear family of an adult 9. Fusion: Bowen: Blurring of psychological boundaries between self and others and a contamination of emotional and intellectual functioning; oppositive of differentiation 10. Genogram: Bowen: Schematic diagram of family system; major technique 11. I-position: Bowen: Statement acknowleding one's personal opinions rather than blaming others or moralizing; both clients and therapist can use 12. Multigenerational transmission process: Bowen: projection of varying degrees of immaturity to different children in the same family; the child who is most involved in the family emotional process emerges with the lowest level of differentiation and passes problems on to succeeding generations 13. Process questions: Bowen: Designed to help family members think about their own reactions to what others are doing; major therapy technique

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