Loa Signing Notary Test 6 1. A notary Signing Agent is asked to describe several of the loan terms at a signing appointment. The Notary Signing Agent may:: Provide only a general description of the loan terms 2. A Notary Signing Agent has been providing signing services with no inci- dents for over 10 years without having undergone a background screening. There fore he/she:: Must undergo a background screening in order to become a "Certified" Notary Signing Agent 3. The Certified Signing Specialist will not make exaggerated or excessive claims, promises or guarantees about the Specialist's services.: True 4. Some Lenders require NSAs to complete a "notarial evidence" form. The form includes a section to record the Notary's name, commission number and expiration date, the names of all signers at the loan signing appointment and the method used to identify them, and the loan number. It also includes descriptions of each loan document notarized and the date, time, and type of notarial act performed. The "notarial evidence" form is completed separate and part from the NSA's journal entries for the loan documents and sent in with the signed loan documents and other stipulations from the loan signing.: True 5. The best way to address a borrower's questions that the Notary Signing Agent is not allowed to answer , is to:: Recommend that the borrower contact the lender's representative immediately before signing the documents.

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