Loa Signing Notary Test 1 1. Why do some Mortgages Signing Agencies require Mortgage Signing Agents to submit a Live Scan Fingerprint Background check each year.: - Lender need to make sure that consumers and their financial information which is entrusted to Notaries remains protected and secure. Lenders are ultimately responsible for the conduct of any third-party service providers, making it critically important to verify that the people lenders send to borrowers' home are trustworthy. 2. In order to open and view a PDF (portable document format): Signing agents can install and use the Free adobe Reader program. 3. The term "critical docs" refers to which of the following docuements?: - Mortgage or Deed of Trust, Closing Disclosures, Notice of Right to Cancel, and Note. 4. Many mortgage and tile companies give preference to notaries who are certified by the National Notary Association.: True 5. How should the NSA organize the work space in order ensure a successful and efficient loan signing?: Clear the table to desk to clutter Set food beverages aside Arrange the seating 6. Mobile Notary Signing Agents:: Must be very detail- oriented, because the slightest oversight could nullify a legal transaction. Should enjoy traveling and be able to locate unfamiliar addresses. Should posses excellent social skills, and enjoy meeting people and interacting with others on a personal but professional basis. 7. The Notarial Evidence Form: Is completed by the Notary Signing Agent and returned to the lender. 8. A Mortgage Signing Agent must be able to communicate with the Signers, and and interpreter cannot be used.: True 9. The Notarial Evidence Form is also: A record of notarization s performed in a transaction involving the purchase, or refinancing of real estate that is completed by Notary Signing Agent. Is Always required 10. Regarding Signing Companies: They are companies that most notary sign- ing agents are familiar with because the majority of them start out by working for them. Notary signing agents receive less money working for a signing company com- pared to a mortgage or title company. Working for Signing Companies allow Notary signing agents to gain experience and build a reputation for the quality of your work. 11. A Mortgage Company: Can either be an Independent Lender or can be directly connected to the financial institution that finances mortgage loans. Usually pay the NSA more than a Signing Agency/ Company 12. Which of the following types of companies employ Notary Signing Agents?: Mortgages Companies Title Companies

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