Leading SAFe Certification Exam With Complete Solutions 8. ART: Agile Release Train 9. VSE: Value Stream Engineer 10. How many people are on a scrum team?: 7 +/- 2 11. Which line of the agile structure is optional?: Value Stream 12. Who is concerned with what institute the work comes from?: The epic owner 13. What are the parts of the SAFe house of lean?: Base: Leadership Pillars: Respect for people and culture, Flow, Innovation, and Relentless improve- ment Top: Value 14. What is the purpose of the SAFe house of lean?: Achieve the sustainably shortest lead time with: -Best quality and value to people and society -High morale, safety and customer delight 15. What does a Respect for People and Culture entail?: Your culture must support change and you must anchor new behavior and then your culture will change. You must change the organization in order to change the culture.

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