ITIL 4 Foundation Certification exam prep/ ITIL 4 Foundation Practice Exam with Rationale. 1. Which practice includes the classification and ownership of queries and requests from users? A. Service desk B. Incident management C. Change control D. Service level management: A. "Service desks provide a clear path for users to report issues, queries, and requests, and have them acknowledged, classified, owned, and actioned" Rationals: B. Incorrect. The 'incident management' practice deals only with incidents, not queries and requests. "The purpose of the incident management practice is to minimize the negative impact of incidents by restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible". Ref 5.2.5 C. Incorrect. The 'change control' practice deals only with change requests, not other queries and requests. "The purpose of the change control practice is to maximize the number of successful service and product changes by ensuring that risks have been properly assessed, authorizing changes to proceed, and manag- ing the change schedule". Ref 5.2.4 D. Incorrect. The 'service level management' practice ensures service targets are met. It does not manage queries and requests

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