IT Security_ Defense against the digital dark arts - Week 3 16. How is auditing related to accounting?: Accounting is recording access and usage, while auditing is reviewing these records. 17. Authentication is concerned with determining .: Identity 18. Which of the following are valid multi-factor authentication factors? Check all that apply.: something you have and something you are, and something you know 19. Security Keys are more ideal than OTP generators because they're resis- tant to attacks.: Phishing 20. In the three As of security, what is the process of proving who you claim to be?: Authentication 21. Which of these passwords is the strongest for authenticating to a sys- tem?: P@w04d!$$L0N6 22. In a Certificate Authority (CA) infrastructure, why is a client certificate used?: To authenticate the server 23. What is used to request access to services in the Kerberos process?: - Ticket Granting tiket

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