IT Security_ Defense against the digital dark arts - Defense in Depth - Week 5 8. How is binary whitelisting a better option than antivirus software?: It can block unknown or emerging threats 9. What does full-disk encryption protect against?: Data theft, Tampering with system files 10. What's the purpose of escrowing a disk encryption key?: Performing data recovery 11. Why is it important to keep software up-to-date?: To address any security vulnerabilities 12. What are some types of software that you'd want to have an explicit application policy for?: Video Games, Filesharing Software 13. How are attack vectors and attack surfaces related?: An attack surface is the sum of all attack vectors 14. Having detailed logging serves which of the following purposes?: Event Reconstruction, Auditing 15. What is a class of vulnerabilities that are unknown before they are ex- ploited?: 0-Days

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