HMC 2023 Study guide, 175 Questions, With Complete Solutions 2023/ 1. What type of bacteria are counterstained a pink color?: Gram Negative 2. Which of the following tests is used as a screening test for syphilis?: RPR (RAPID PLASMA REAGIN) 3. Which form is the Laboratory Report Display: SF 545 4. What Bacteria is known to be rod shaped, appears singly, or in different organizations, to include railroad tracks or school of fish?: Bacillus 5. Gonorrhea and meningitis are what type of bacteria?: Gram Negative Cocci 6. What type of medication classification is grouped according to their action on the body?: Therapeutic 7. Which group of medications is structurally and pharmacologically related to the penicillins and may share cross-sensitivity?: Cephalosporins

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