HESI PEDIATRICS V1, V2 & V3 TOTAL OF 134 QUESTIONS & ANSWER(S) 2023 RN 1. The nurse is planning care for a 5 - month-old with gastroesophageal reflux disease whose weight has decreased by 3 ounces since the last clinic visit one month ago. To increase caloric intake and decrease vomiting, what instruction should the nurse provide this mother? •Dilute the child's formula with equal parts of water •Offer 10% dextrose in water between most feeding •Give small amounts of baby food with each feeding •Thicken formula with cereal for each feeding 2. A 4-years-old boy was recently diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Which characteristic of the disease is most important for the nurse to focus on during the initial teaching? •Muscular strength can be regained with physical exercise and therapy •Growth and development have been abnormal since birth •Respiratory dysfunction and aspiration are prime concerns at this stage of the disease •Lower legs become progressively weaker, causing a wedding, unsteady gait 3. In caring for an client with acute epiglottitis, which nursing action takes priority? •Obtain a STAT CBC •Prepare for endotracheal intubation •Auscultate breath sounds •Apply ice packs to the neck 4. Which client requires immediate intervention by the nurse? •A toddler with chickenpox who is scratching •An adolescent with a migraine and photophobia •A child with cystic fibrosis who is constipated •A Child w ith acute re nal failure and hyperkalem ia

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