GREEN LIGHT 2 Exam Questions and Correct Answers 1. Drying linens in a hot dryer for will help get rid of pediculosis capitis: NEED TO VERIFY 20 min 2. When removing peripheral I.V. catheter remove it to the vein to reduce the risk of trauma: parallel 3. 20 week prenatal discomfort In order to reduce pain overnight, pregnant women may to prevent breast tenderness: support bra 4. When patient is connected to a disposable chest tube drainage, report drainage greater than mL to the provider: NEED TO VERIFY 70mL 5. Tidaling in the water chamber of the chest tube is:: Normal 6. Continuous bubbling in the water seal chamber is:: BAD, an AIR LEAK 7. Check the residual of an NG tube every........: 4 hrs 8. Stomach gastric contents should be a ph of:

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