GCU MKT 315 Final Exam Answered GCU MKT 315 Final Exam Questions With Answers 2023/2024 A message is conveyed by means of an ___, such as a sales person or advertising media Correct Answer: channel of communication the process of having a sender transform an idea into a set of symbols in communication is Correct Answer: encoding the info sent by a source reciever in the communication process is called Correct Answer: a message profit equation Correct Answer: total revenue minus total cost total money recieved from sale of a product is Correct Answer: total revenue after a reciever responds to a message, the senders interpretation of it is called Correct Answer: feedback form of communication seeks to influence feelings/opinions is referred to as Correct Answer: public relations stage of personnel selling process to ensure customer satisfaction Correct Answer: follow up personal selling process encompasses ___ distinct selling stages Correct Answer: 6 any form of nonpersonnel communication of a product, service is referred to as Correct Answer: advertising pull strategy Correct Answer: consumers ask retailers for the product salesperson who processes routine orders Correct Answer: order taker 2 types of personnel selling Correct Answer: order taking order getting combination compensation plan Correct Answer: paid salary plus commission on sales or profits generated social media site Correct Answer: social network click-thru rate Correct Answer: how many people click on the website electronic junk mail Correct Answer: spam user generated content Correct Answer: another term of social media AOTF methods to set promotion budgets except Correct Answer: # of units sold pricing strategy to gain market share Correct Answer: penetration pricing coupons Correct Answer: free items to get consumers to buy their products all-u-can-afford budgeting Correct Answer: method employed by small companies facing cash control issues final step in selling process Correct Answer: follow up multi-channel marketing Correct Answer: blending of communication and delivery channels multi domestic marketing strategy Correct Answer: offering as many different product variations, brand names, and advertising programs as countries in which it does business ROI measures _____ Correct Answer: profit and loss generated by an investment milton freidman's social responsibility of a business Correct Answer: make a profit promotional strategy using direct mail, telemarketing, product catalogs, etc. Correct Answer: direct marketing decoding Correct Answer: reciever assigns meaning to encoded symbols by advertisement idea orginizations are part of a larger part of society Correct Answer: social responsibility green market Correct Answer: marketing efforts to produce, promote, and reclaim environmentally sensitive products moral principles and values governing actions and decisions of people Correct Answer: ethics code of ethics Correct Answer: written ethical procedures, principles, and rules of conduct The duty of a firm to maximize profits for its owners or stockholders is referred to as Correct Answer: profit responsibility personal selling example Correct Answer: consultitative selling let the buyer beware Correct Answer: caveat emptor evoke deep feelings & concepts Correct Answer: symbols orginization that governs world trade Correct Answer: world trade orginization communication with consumers who are not in the target audience Correct Answer: wasted coverage digital marketing Correct Answer: promoting product through electronic media SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Correct Answer: makes websites more visible through search engines without paid placements bounce rate Correct Answer: percent of viewers thAT leave website after visiting only one page sales management Correct Answer: efforts aimed at improving personal selling salary plus comission Correct Answer: used most frequently sharing risk between company and salesperson "greatest good for the greatest number" Correct Answer: Utilitarianism intensive distribution Correct Answer: placing products in as many outlets as possible time utility Correct Answer: the increase in customer satisfaction gained by making a good or service available at the appropriate time channel conflict arises when channel member bypasses another member Correct Answer: disintermediation promotional mix is designed to Correct Answer: inform, persuade, remind customers During what step of the selling process does a sales person present the value of the company's product or service and offers solutions to customer problems Correct Answer: presentation step when a company includes free shipping for $25 minimum purchases, this deal is an example of what? Correct Answer: sales promotion judy evans website Correct Answer: testimonal 1st step of personal selling Correct Answer: prospecting selecting medium vehicle Correct Answer: cost of 1000 people bills customer objection Correct Answer: closing alice jackson Correct Answer: landing pitch alex ignored Correct Answer: cultural execs grilled cheese Correct Answer: vertical phoenix highway Correct Answer: social marketing

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