Dosage Calculations FINAL Exam version 2 Answer Key with complete solutions Dosage Calculations FINAL Exam Version 2 KEY Name: ________________________________________ Date:_____________________ 1. Order: Compazine 10 mg, PO, qid. Using the following drug label, how many tablet(s) would you give per dose? Answer ________________ 2 2. A patient is to receive lidocaine hydrochloride (Xylocaine) 100 mg as an intravenous bolus. The Xylocaine is labeled 20 mg/mL. How many milliliters should be administered? Answer ________________ 5 3. Medication order: Nafcillin 0.5 G, IM, q6h. Drug available: 2 g Nafcillin Sodium for injection, USP. How many milliliters of Nafcillin would you give per dose? Answer ________________ 2 4. The medication order is to administer Ancef 5 mg/kg. The child weighs 90 pounds. The maximum dosage is 750 mg. How many milligrams are ordered for the child? Answer ________________ 204.55 1

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