CPSGT AND RPSGT Real Exam Practice Questions (Polysomnography) 58. All are potential causes of central sleep apnea except .- : Obesity. 59. What is the best explanation for how a differential amplifier works?: It takes two sources and amplifies only the different voltages. 60. The best way to eliminate artifact is by : Going to the problem source and replacing and reapplying the affected leads 61. For Americans the most common sleep disorder is .: - Insomnia 62. If a slow-wave artifact appears in two channels that share the same reference, what is the best solution to correct it?: Re-reference both leads to a reference point that doesn't have the artifact. 63. If the exploring and reference electrodes are close to one another, the amplitude will be : Low 64. Compared to the EEG, the LFF on an EMG is usually set : Higher 65. Alpha-wave intrusion in sleep is indicative of : - Chronic pain 66. REM behavior disorder is most often seen in .: Males over the age of 60. 67. What is the term for breath-holding followed by an expiratory groan?: - Catathrenia 68. Bio-calibrations are performed to .: Set a base- line for scoring. 69. In which study does a patient try to stay awake in a darkened room?: MWT 70. What is the clinical term for bedwetting?: Enuresis

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