Complete CIPP-E Exam 2023 Accountability The implementation of appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure and be able to demonstrate that the handling of personal data is performed in accordance with relevant law, an idea codified in the EU General Data Protection Regulation and other frameworks, including APEC's Cross Border Privacy Rules. Traditionally has been a fair information practices principle, that due diligence and reasonable steps will be undertaken to ensure that personal information will be protected and handled consistently with relevant law and other fair use principles. Accuracy Organizations must take every reasonable step to ensure the data processed is this and, where necessary, kept up to date. Reasonable measures should be understood as implementing processes to prevent inaccuracies during the data collection process as well as during the ongoing data processing in relation to the specific use for which the data is processed. The organization must consider the type of data and the specific purposes to maintain the accuracy of personal data in relation to the purpose. Also embodies the responsibility to respond to data subject requests to correct records that contain incomplete information or misinformation.

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