CK NBME 9 Questions and answers (step 2) 26. different types of JIA: oligoarticular (5 joints, ANA negative) systemic disease (variable joints, rash, quotidian fever, serositis) 27. JIA-assoc uveitis most common in:: female children with oligoarthritis and positive ANA titers. usually aymptomatic on presentation 28. complications of uveitis: cataract, glaucoma, amblyopia (>65% complication rate without detection in JIA) 29. in adults, presence of a destructive bone lesion is more commonly caused by metastatic or primary malignancy?: metastatic 30. cancers that commonly metastasize to bone: lung, breast, prostate, kidney, thyroid 31. go over bone lesions: 32. osteomalacia: adult form of vit D deficiency (rickets). progressive bone pain and fragility fx. increased lucency on XR 33. txt stable SVT (regular, narrow-complex without hypotension or impaired perfusion): vagal maneuvers, IV adenosine 34. unstable SVT txt: electrical cardioversion 35. when do angina symptoms occur: exertion, heightened emotional states, after heavy meals 36. when is valve replacement in AS indicated: severe who are symptomatic or asx with EF dx?: ILD. get PFTs

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