ATLS Practice Questions Study Stack 2023 23. A laceration of the neck superficial to the deep cervical fascia along the sternocleidomastoid muscle at its midpoint would cause bleeding from which structure?: External jugular vein 24. Clinical features associated with tension pneumothorax: Unilateral de- crease in breath sounds Hyperresonance Respiratory distress Tachycardia Tracheal shift Desatruation Decreased breath sounds Decreased compliance Asymmetric chest movement NOT hypertension, audible bronchial sounds 25. Not recommended as a mode of ventilation for a patient with a diaphrag- matic hernia A. Bag and mask B. LMA C. Endotracheal intubation D. Jet ventilation: A. Bag and mask 26. What is the next step in the assessment of a traumatic patient after airway is established?: Breathing

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