ATI RN Leadership 2022 (Real Exam) 8. A public health nurse is developing a list of recommendations for her supervisior on how to use EBP to improve community outcomes. Which of the following should the nurse recommend as a qualitative research method?: Phenomenology Meta-analysis is a quantitative research method that provides a statistical analy- sis of multiple studies conducted on the same topic.Experimental study is a quantitative research method that uses control and treatment groups to test at least one independent variable.Phenomenology is a qualitative research method that provides additional understanding of participants' experiences with emotional variances, such as grief and hope.Secondary analysis is a quantitative research method that uses previously collected data to answer newly formed hypotheses. 9. A nurse at a urgent care clinic notices that a pain assessment is not being performed for all clients as required by policy. Which of the following actions should the nurse take to ensure care is provided according to policy?: Report this issue to the nurse manager. The nurse should report this issue to the nurse manager because it is the man- ager's responsibility to ensure that standards are met and that care is provided according to policy. 10. A nurse is teaching a client about advance directives. Which of the following statements by the client indicates an understanding of the teach- ing?: "These will outline my wishes for medication treatment." The purpose of advance directives is to outline the client's wishes if they become unresponsive 11. A nurse is caring for a client who recently learned he has a mutation of the BRCA2 gene. The client states that he does not plan to tell his adult children about the dx. Which of the following responses displays clients advocacy by the nurse?: "Let's review what you understand about this test result." The nurse should use therapeutic communication techniques to encourage the client to share his point of view and to convey respect for the client's decisions. By seeking to understand the client's perceptions in a nonjudgmental manner, the nurse is displaying client advocacy. 12. A nurse is caring for a client who has breast cancer and is deciding on a plan of treatment. which of the following statements should the nurse make?: "Let's talk about the benefits of each treatment."

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