ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Study Guide 2019, 2020 Ch.1 Oral Contraceptives  Chest pain, SOB, leg pain (clot), headache, eye problems  Can cause blood clots  Hypertension  Do not use with smokers  Hx of blood clots, stroke, cardiac, breast or estrogen  Depro-proveracalcium and vitamin D  IUD= increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy o Change in string length, foul smell, fever/chills, pain with intercourse  notify provider Ch.2 Infertility  Inability for at least 12 months  Male first (sperm analysis), then the woman (no hx of dye for test or seafood) Ch.3  Presumptive sign: things that can be explained by other means o Nausea, amenorrhea, N/V, Fatigue  Probable signs o Abdominal enlargements, Hagar sign, chad wicks sign, goodwill sign, ballottement, Braxton hick contractions, positive pregnancy test, fetal outline  Positive sign o FHR  Nagele’s rule: add 9 months and a week  GTPAl: Gravidity (# of times of pregnancy), Term births (38 weeks or more), Preterm births, Abortions/miscarriages, Living children Ch. 5 Nutrition During Pregnancy  Normal: 25-30 pounds  Overweight: 15-25 pounds  Underweight: 28-40 pounds  First trimester: no more than 2-4 pounds for entire trimesters.. then 1 lb/week o Formula up to 48 hours Ch. 26 Nursing Care and Discharge teaching  Place baby on back (to prevent SIDS)  Newborns sleep 17 hours out of 24  Cord care o Keep dry and above diaper o Give sponge baths only until it comes off (10-14 days after birth) o Makes sure it is NOT moist or red, foul odor, purulent drainage  Circumcision Care o Petroleum jelly o DO NOT wash yellowish mucus off o Give baby acetaminophen  Car safety o Rear end facing o Middle back seat until age 2 Ch. 27 New born complications  Hypoglycemia (less than 40)  Preterm: resp distress, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, aspiration, apnea,

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