ASE Brakes A5 Test (Exam 1) 1. A drum is chattering on the brake lathe. This could be a result of a. failure to install the dampening belt b. cutting too slowly c. dull cutting blades d. cutting speed too fast: A : failure to install the dampening belt why : a missing dampening belt could cause the drum to vibrate while on the lathe. this vibration can cause the drum to bounce on the cutting tip and make a chattering noise 2. A vehicle equipped with a hydro-boost brake system has a hard pedal with little braking action. Which of the following could be the cause? a. low brake fluid b. air in the brake fluid c. low power steering fluid d. an overtightened power steering belt: C : low power steering fluid why : low power steering fluid can cause the booster to provide very little if any boost 3. Which of the following could cause excessive noise braking? a. worn wheel cylinders b. worn caliper pistons c. seized caliper slides

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