ASE A5 Practice Test (Brakes) Download to pass 1. A spongy brake pedal may be caused by: a. ABS Diagnostic Trouble Code set b. Frozen caliper piston c. Defective metering valve. d. Air in hydraulic system: D 2. This question is not like the others. It has the word EXCEPT. For this question, look for the choice that could NOT cause the described situation. Read the entire question carefully before choosing your answer. A vehicle has a very erratic brake pulling concern while applying the brakes. All of the following items could cause this erratic pull EXCEPT: a. Excessive tire pressure b. Four-wheel alignment c. Seized caliper piston on the other side d. Steering gear problem: A 3. The brakes are being bled on an older vehicle equipped with a quick take up valve in the master cylinder. Technician A says the quick take up valve must be depressed. Technician B says the brakes on this vehicle cannot be bled. Who is right? a. A only b. B only c. Both A and B d. Neither A nor B: D 4. A power assist brake booster push rod that is to short will cause which of the following? a. Excessive brake drag b. Brake system to be inoperative c. Excessive brake pedal travel

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