Analytical Chemistry Final- ACS Exam (2022 Questions & Answers 19. buoyancy correction: m=(m'(1-(air density/weight density)))/(1-(air densi- ty/object density)) 20. accuracy: closeness of the mean to the "true value" 21. precision: reproducibility of individual measurements 22. Uncertainty in Addition/Subraction: e=sqrt(ex1^2+ex2^2+ex3^2+...) 23. Uncertainty in Multiplication/Division: e=y*sqrt((ex1/x1)^2+(ex2/x2)^2+(ex3/x3)^2+...) 24. Significant Figures in Logarithms and antilogarithms: the number of sig- nificant figures in the log should equal the number of digits in the mantissa 25. How many significant figures in log(205.5): four significant figures, so you will need four decimal places in your answer 26. pH: -log[H3O+] 27. [H3O+]: 10^-pH 28. Absorbance: -log(transmittance) 29. Random Error: -repeated measurements are sometimes high and sometimes low -cannot be corrected for 30. Systematic Error: -repeated measurements are usually always high or always low -can and should be corrected for

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